To all BCFA Members:

The Proxy Committee, which was established by the BCFA membership at an
extraordinary general meeting on May 6, 2007, announces the following

Only proxy assignment forms which the Proxy Committee has had an opportunity to inspect and validate shall be accepted as valid for the upcoming annual general meeting (which has been informally announced for June 30).  To ensure that your proxy assignment is not refused, send a duplicate copy (in addition to the copy which must be sent to the BCFA office) to,

   Proxy Committee
   440 - 1050 Alberni St.
   Vancouver, BC
   V6E 1A3

    Or fax to 604-608-3811

Why is this necessary?

For BCFA general meetings, members may, instead of attending the meeting themselves, delegate their vote to any other BCFA member. Such delegated votes are known as "proxy votes." Since most members do not attend general meetings in person, most votes cast at such meetings tend to be proxy votes.  Properly and transparently validating proxy votes is critical to ensuring that the outcome of any
general meeting is fair.

At many past annual general meetings (AGMs), the Executive Committee of the day has kept proxy forms secret, refusing to allow anyone but themselves to confirm the validity of each proxy.  As one might predict, the Executive Committee has tended to be re-elected under such circumstances.

When the proxy forms are kept secret, BCFA members can not know whether the proxy forms were validated and counted accurately or whether the vote counts were rigged.  Needless secrecy has caused many a past AGM to conclude under a dark cloud of suspicion.

To prevent this from occurring at the upcoming AGM, the membership of the BCFA established the "Proxy Committee" at the extraordinary general meeting held May 6, 2007, in strict compliance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the BCFA. This committee was given a mandate to oversee all aspects of the organization and conduct of the AGM, including the validation of proxy votes.  The Committee was also bound by the membership to protect the privacy of members who complete proxy forms in no less stringent a fashion that would be required of the Executive Committee.

The Proxy Committee has made repeated attempts to solicit the cooperation of the Executive Committee in these matters.  No response has been received.  The Proxy Committee has quite naturally concluded that the Executive Committee may intend to keep all proxy forms secret once again.  Such secrecy would be in deliberate defiance of the will of the membership, not merely the Proxy Committee.  The policy above has been announced only to ensure that the upcoming AGM is held in a fair and transparent fashion, as was demanded by the membership itself.

Best regards,
The Proxy Committee