I received the following message today, even though I'm not a veteran (really, I'm not!).  If you are over 40, take note:

Dear Fellow Veteran Fencer

Given the large number of over forty year old active fencers in Canada, it would be apropos to form The Canadian Veteran Fencing Association.

The goal of this newly formed organization would be to promote fencing in the over forty age group, to get “dormant” fencers out of hibernation, to organize competitions at the club level as well as provincial, national and international tournaments, to oversee the selection and participation of our Canadian National Veteran team at the World Championships.

Veteran fencing is thriving in the U.S., UK, Japan and Europe.  We have some catching up to do but we are confident.

Judging by the number of Canadian entries and the great success of Canadian Fencers at the Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Championships, held in Toronto, July 2007, a lot of us veterans feel, it is time to form our own organization.

We need your participation and input.  We need a national membership roster for this soon to be formed organization.  Veteran’s age groups are 40+, 50+, 60+ and 70+.  Please respond with your comments and join by stating your name, location, age group, gender and weapon.  There are no membership fees for this.

Many of us who have participated in veteran’s tournaments nationally and internationally know that life long friendships are created and our tournaments are filled with fun and camaraderie while we pursue the sport we love.

Join us.

With best regards,
Gaby Weisz