Foilists take note of the following rule change, which is supposed to be implemented January 1, 2009:

The target at foil excludes the limbs and the head. It is confined to the trunk, the upper limit being the collar up to 6 cm above the prominences of  the collar bones; at the sides to the seams of the sleeves, which should cross the head of the humerus; and the lower limit following a horizontal line across the back joining the tops of the hip bones, thence by straight  lines to the junction of the lines of the groin (see Figure 4, p. 24).  It also includes the part of the bib beneath a horizontal line 1.5 - 2 cm below the chin and which, in any case, may not be lower than the line of the  shoulders.

This will mean new masks will be required :-( (or possibly just a new bib, if you have a mask with a replaceable bib).  The CFF will probably not adopt the rule right away (except maybe for national events), so we probably have a few years before this rule trickles down to affect foil events at all levels.

This is not the first time the FIE has tried to add the bib to the foil target area.  The last time they tried, the rule change was ultimately reversed because of technical problems implementing it.  I guess the mask manufacturer lobby has kept the pressure on, though.  I'll bet Leon Paul, with their new removable bibs, has something to do with this.