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Site Re-design

posted on Oct 7, 2013
I rebuilt the site from scratch, although I imported all of the old content to maintain the history and archives. I removed or archived some older features that were no longer being used, improved a few of the existing features, and added one or two new ones.
New features:
  • mobile-friendly design - should responsively adapt to your phone or tablet
  • removed moderation on forums - new forums should be more spam-resistant, for a little while at least, so your posts should go live quickly
  • speed - everything should be much faster
Retired features:
  • user logins
  • self-posted events - people were just mailing their events to me anyway
  • build your own website
I might bring some of those back, but since they weren't being used much, I'm in no rush.

One for the luddites

posted on Aug 6, 2008
I've received a few emails from people professing not to know how to post comments to the site.  So I made a nice help page for them.  And just as a reminder, there is other help, too.

Site Upgrade

posted on Jul 8, 2008
I did a site upgrade this week.  Let me know if you have any problems.  There's a lot of stuff under the hood of this one, but not too much that is visible on the surface, except tidier URLs on some of the articles.  I may expose some of the hidden features when I have time to make use of them, but that will happen later.