Wine Country Challenge

Posted on Aug 6, 2008, by Manuel Belmonte


The first Wine Country Challenge was held on August 2nd. We ran mixed open events in al three weapons. Below are the results of the competition.

Mixed Open Epée Place Name Class Club Gold Daria Jorquera-Palmer B MGB Silver John Enns UN DYN Bronze Julian Au UN DYN Bronze Julia Dordel UN DYN 5 Suzie Lord D VER 6 Alyssa Fu UN DYN 7 Igor Gantsevich * B DYN * Igor withdrew due to injury.

Mixed Open Foil: Place Name Class Club Gold Anna Smith B CAP Silver Nader Abdelkader UN NVF Bronze Jessica Gingras UN EFC Bronze Katharine Smith D CAP 5 Daniel Carleton UN NVF 6 Tate Hornford UN MGB 7 Aaron Nesmith-Beck UN NVF

Mixed Open Sabre: Place Name Class Club Gold Roman Krasnich C DYN Silver Nader Abdelkader D NVF Bronze Zbigniew Pietrusinski D NVF Bronze Paul Pietrusinski D NVF 5 Tate Hornford D MGB 6 Mike Krasnich C DYN 7 Ben Lawton UN NVF 8 Daniel Carleton UN NVF 9 Kelly Wilkeison C NVF 10 Aaron Nesmith-Beck UN NVF 11 Genny Bailey UN NVF 12 Deanna Bliss UN DYN

The classification is for interest only, as the CFF has not yet published the classifications for the 2008/09 season. I will republish the results with the corrected classifications Xonce these have been published.